Gone are the days of shipping heavier products without taking any safety measures. Now is the time to think outside the box and transport the material without a hassle.

Freezpak International has introduced a bespoke and light-weight shipping solution, geared towards protecting the goods from damage. Our tri wall box is basically a corrugated packaging box that can conveniently store heavy materials to make the shipping process flawless. The boxes have been designed by using premium quality material to ensure that they can sustain sudden jerks and bumps. Available in several sizes and specifications, our tri wall boxes will definitely make you feel proud.


  • Standard Size : 120 x 100 x 94 cm
  • Custom size is also available


  • Transportation of fruits and vegetables
  • Moving of perishables


Tri wall boxes being strong and lightweight master carton, is the perfect material for export packaging and ideal for logistic transport .Our tri wall boxes can be used to transport Fruits and vegetables , Perishable products , Any other large products . For Tri wall, we use 5-ply or 7-ply corrugated carton boxes, which can be used for transporting heavier products and export. We source high-quality materials for our products, ensuring that they meet international standards. Tri-Wall can assist you with your heavy-duty bulk packaging requirements, regardless of your industry or the product you package.



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