Gel Ice is a reusable and environmentally friendly product that aids in the preservation of fresh or chilled products during transportation. The Gel Ice is made of a non-toxic, non-flammable food-grade gel that freezes at -40°C and can keep a consistent temperature for up to 6 hours. In the medical and laboratory industries, the ice packs is ideal for perishable exports.


  • Transportation of heat-sensitive products, including serums and reagents.
  • Gel ice packs are reusable.
  • Maintaining coolness of perishable goods.

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To keep fresh and chilled products at the proper temperature during export. Medical and laboratory use, perishable exports These are excellent for managing the cold chain.

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Gel Ice Sheet, 200 gram bottle, 300 gram bottle, 400 gram bottle, 200 gram pouch, 400 gram pouch, Frio 400 gram pouch


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