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3MM Dry Ice Pellet

Our 3mm dry ice pellets are the smallest size and can be used for blast cleaning. We offer 3 mm pellets in small and large quantities as per the client’s requirements.  ...

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16 MM Dry Ice Pellet 

Our 16mm dry ice pellets are the largest size and can be used for various storage, temperature control transportation, entertainment, & experimental purposes. We offer 16 mm pellets for retail and bulk use as per the client’s requirements ...

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Dry Ice Block– 500 gm.

Our dry ice blocks of 500 grams are widely used for transportation and storage of food and medical products. Block dry ice lasts much longer than 16 mm dry ice pellets. ...

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Gel Ice pack

Freezpak International is a leading cold chain packaging Solutions Company providing refrigerant gel pack solutions to protect the shelf life of temperature sensitive products during last mile transportation. We offer it in pouches as well as bottl ...

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Tri Wall Boxes

We use 5-ply or 7-ply corrugated carton boxes for Tri wall which can be used for transporting heavier products and for export purposes. We source quality materials for our products making sure that they are of international standards.  ...

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Styrofoam Boxes

We offer Styrofoam boxes of various dimensions. You can even convert them into temporary coolers during short trips to store medicines and food items. Our Styrofoam boxes are lightweight and sturdy. They can be used for safe transportation of sen ...

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